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Brass Bonanza

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Super soft unisex-fit t-shirt inspired by the Brass Bonanza. Made and printed in the USA.

As soon as you hear the horns you know it's time for hockey in Hartford. You're immediately transported back, often with goosebumps. You can't help it; you still bleed green.

Hartford's pro team might be long gone, and some of us may still be a bit angry or sad about that, but the main emotion is great pride. We're proud of what once was, and we'll cherish those memories forever.

We heard some news that a team that makes their home ice down in Carolina is going to start wearing throwback Hartford sweaters and has been playing the Brass Bonanza at home games. Have they no shame? If you agree the Brass Bonanza's only true home is in Hartford, this shirt was made for you. If you still Bleed Green, this t-shirt was made for you.

What's your favorite Hartford hockey moment of all time? Share your memories and photos below...

This is a unisex t-shirt, so we recommend you order one size down from what you typically wear in women’s sizes.

Our t-shirts are premium 50/50 blends (cotton/polyester), giving them that baby-soft feel you’re looking for! You’ll also love the vintage heathered look of most colors.

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Brass Bonanza Memories

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