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About Local Vyntage

Local Vyntage is all about celebrating your local memories. We know how much you love to reminisce about the good old days and all the things that make your hometown unique. It’s part of who we are. We want to connect people and help them share their memories. So, when you get stopped by a total stranger to talk about your shirt – that’s when you’ll know we’ve achieved our goal. 

All of our apparel is made, labeled, and screen printed in the United States. Given that Local Vyntage is about cherished local memories on premium apparel, it just doesn’t feel right for our customers to buy poor quality apparel made on another continent.

Local Vyntage was founded in 2016 by Chet Winnicki, when he took a big risk, changed course in his career and decided to follow his passions for nostalgia and lifestyle apparel.

Did you just find out about us? Are you looking to learn more before making a purchase? If so, we totally understand and can help! We're a small business and still new to most folks. If you'd like to hear about other customer's experiences with us and our products, you can read their reviews here. You can also chat with us directly using the chat bubble toward the bottom-left of your screen. Or, if you prefer to communicate via email, there's a 'Contact Us' form at the very bottom-right of every page where you can send us a message. You can also email us at


Since our founding we've has made charitable giving part of our business. Our philanthropic focus aligns with our mission to help you celebrate your local memories: Alzheimer's disease research and support. For every End Alzheimer's t-shirt sold, we'll donate $5 to Alzheimer's charities in the areas we serve. Read more


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