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Giving Back

Since our founding, we've made charitable giving part of our business. In 2020 we launched a new philanthropic focus that aligns with our mission to help you celebrate your local memories: Alzheimer's disease research and support.

For every End Alzheimer's t-shirt sold, we'll donate $5 to Alzheimer's charities in the areas we serve. Local Vyntage's mission is to celebrate memories. Alzheimer's is the enemy of our memories. Thank you for helping us end Alzheimer's.

End Alzheimer's T-Shirts

Our third round of donations were made in July 2021. That was based on 2 End Alzheimer's t-shirts sold in the second quarter of 2021 which resulted in a total of $10 donated. Here's how all our donations have been distributed:

Once we've completed our donations for each quarter, the quarterly amounts donated to each regional beneficiary will continue to be added above.


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